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Issues in which Psychotherapy & Counselling can help

Bereavement, Loss & Trauma

When you are grieving, whether the loss is through death, the end of a relationship or job, your world can often feel as if it is falling apart.  As you get over the shock and you begin to grasp the reality of what has happened you may go through some of the most powerful feelings you have ever had.  I have heard it described as an emotional roller-coaster and subsequently feelings of going "mad."  

Counselling can be very helpful in this process, although ultimately time really is the greatest healer.


Addiction is one of the major problems that today's society has to face.  Whether it involves drugs, food, alcohol, sex, tobacco, gambling, television, internet, or any of the thousand of other temptations that every day presents, it can be the cause of cardiovascular disease, respiratory illness such as emphysema, AIDS and many forms of cancer.  

When appropriate, I often work in a cognitive way using a method based on the Twelve Steps programme pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous which is very effective in bringing about change.

Relationship Problems

Relationships are often the most challenging of all issues.  They bring us great joy but they also bring us great pain.

Counselling and Psychotherapy can help individuals who are struggling to make sense of their relationship.  It can bring a new perspective to the problems and can help with choices that are not always apparent.

Low Self Esteem

Low Self-Esteem  affects virtually every aspect of our life.  It affects our relationships, how we function at work, the choices we make in life, earning money, our health and living our life to our fullest potential.  

Working on building your self-esteem through counselling will help you have the confidence to create a more desirable life.

Talk to Bridget about these or other related issues >>

There are many issues in which psychotherapy and counselling can be helpful.  Bridget Christiana Seager at the Healing Studio has  particular skills and experience in helping clients who have experienced difficulties with many of them and shares a few words about each of them below :-

Depression, Anxiety & Panic Attacks

When we fall prey to depression life can have no meaning or purpose.  I have heard it being described as "walking through the night in the worst possible conditions."  

Anxiety too, can be incredibly difficult and crippling.  It can often bring on panic attacks which, at their worst, can make you feel as if you are going to die.  

Talking about it in the therapy sessions is the start to helping you move through the pain.